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The Master Skill 
of All Business

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New Persuasion Map Sales Tool

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How to Write a $150k Sales Letter

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Cashflow on 

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The Master Skill of All Business
New Persuasion Map Sales Tool
How To Write A 
$150,000 Sales Letter
Cashflor On Command
Write The Words That Sell Without Sleaze
Anyone Can Write Heart-Centered, Yet Persuasive Sales Copy, When You Follow The Carefully Constructed System Inside...
Get the Copywriting Course that's Helped Thousands of Business Owners
Create Cashflow On Command!
What The Experts Are Saying...
“Ray Edwards is not only a master copywriter, he is the best copywriting teacher I know. Whether you are selling a product, a service, or a point-of-view, Ray’s program will give you the training you need to move your prospects to buy NOW.”

Michael Hyatt
New York Times Bestselling Author
"I first met Ray when I was still working with Tony Robbins. We needed a sales letter for a new product. Hiring Ray to write that sales copy was one of the best decisions we ever made, because he nailed it. Every time we used Ray's copy, our sales went through the roof!"

Amy Porterfield
Creator of Digital Course Academy
"Ray Edwards knows how to ethically sell. There's nobody better... so you make more sales, help more people, and feel great about the impact you're having."

Stu McLaren
Creator of Tribe and Searchie
How to Manufacture Cashflow on command
From: Ray Edwards
49 Degrees North Latitude

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, only 30% of small businesses will survive.

Of the 70% that fail, 82% fail because of “cash flow issues.”

In other words, they run out of money.

What if I told you there was a skill you can develop that virtually ensures you will never run out of money?

What if this skill could give you the power to create cash flow on demand?

What if you could accomplish this near-magical feat at zero cost… no additional staff, inventory, advertising, or other expenses required?

Well, I have such a skill. And I have taught it to many people. Now I’m willing to teach it to you. Here’s the story….
A-List Copywriter & Creator of the 
P.A.S.T.O.R. Copywriting Framework
If you’re still not making the money you want in your business… if your solo professional practice isn’t providing you with the freedom and profits you dreamed of… if your platform isn’t bringing you income if your launches are more of a “failure to launch”…

Even if you’re doing well, but just know there’s more

The Copywriting Academy solves all these problems for you.
This Proven SYSTEM Cranks Out 
All the Cash-Creating Copy You Need
This is not just a course – it’s a system for writing copy.
Any and all copy you need for your business. 
The Academy is right for you if…
  • You’re planning to do an "Amy Porterfield" launch, or a “Jeff Walker style” Product Launch and you want to be sure you nail the copy.
  • You are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or solo professional and want to write your own copy (granting you the power to create “cash flow incidents” on demand). And So Much More...
  • You’re a subject matter expert who is building a Platform – and you don’t want to smear your good reputation with sleazy, cheesy sales copy.
  • You’re a writer (fiction, non-fiction, inspirational, how-to) and you want to sell more books without compromising your craft.
  • ​You sell products, training or services in a “soft topic” market (like creative and spiritual work… plus art, music, or counseling).
  • You’re a freelance copywriter who wants to learn dozens of new response-boosting tricks, the latest “social-friendly” copy techniques, and how to attract higher-paying clients by the dozen.
  • ​You are a certified professional or work in a highly-regulated industry, and find other marketing and copywriting courses ignore the important compliance issues you face. (We’ll help you market effectively, keep your license safe, and show you how to stay classy!)
  • You want to tap the profit-pulling power of compelling copy, but don’t want to shell out $50,000 (or more) every time you need sales copy written.
  • ​You want to train your on-staff copywriter in the secrets of proven direct-response copywriting that gets results.
  • You plan to hire outside pro copywriters, and want to know the “inner secrets” of their craft – so you can know for sure if you’re getting the real deal (and avoid getting ripped off!).
Write Copy That Sells without selling your soul
Let’s face the facts.

You know you need to write powerful, persuasive sales copy in order to sell your products and services. You probably know that you can change no other part of your marketing, but just replace mediocre copy with great copy, and sales skyrocket.

But there’s a problem.

The problem is most sales copy sounds sleazy and overhyped. We’ve all seen the crazy sales copy online that seems to scream “scam”. Maybe you are afraid that when we talk about writing sales copy, that’s what we’re referring to. Heaven forbid!
That style of copywriting may have worked at one time on the Internet, but its effectiveness is diminishing rapidly, and the power of that sort of marketing has already seen its day.

To succeed in modern times, you have to understand that your audience is smarter. They demand more respect than ever before. And they have always deserved it.

Today, the most powerful copy is heart-centered, not manipulative, yet powerfully persuasive.

This represents the convergence point of the needs of your customer, their desire for a solution, and the benefits of your product or service.

Communicating this convergence is the heart of powerful copy.

Before you disregard that as nice-sounding poppycock, stick with me. Consider this…
What's the Potential Cost of 
Not Solving Your Copywriting Problem?
Here’s how it happens for most online businesses:
  • Someone has a bright business idea.
  • That same someone plans their business carefully.
  • Then they slap up a website… usually a free one they got from their web host, or one their nephew made for them.
  • ​And then they sit back and wait for the orders to roll in.
Guess what happens next?

Nothing, that’s what!

Most websites are like a Western Ghost town. You can practically see the tumbleweeds blowing down the empty streets.
Words or design: which will you choose?
Pop quiz: what’s the most important thing on your website?

Is it the pictures? The videos? The graphics? Or is it the words?

If you could only choose one element for your website… if I said, “Choose! You either get pictures, or you get words – but you can’t have both. Which is it?”

I hope you answered, “The words.”
It’s the Words on Your Site That Do the Selling!
The problem is, of course, coming up with just the right words.

Direct response advertising experts know that changing just one word in a headline, or “tweaking” one paragraph or layout element can result in sales increases.

But before we get into the secrets of what makes a great ad (and make no mistake, your website itself is indeed an ad), let’s ask (and answer) a more basic question…
Is It Possible You’re Only One
Sales Letter Away from Freedom?
One of my copywriting colleagues says, “You’re only one sales letter away from being a millionaire.”

I happen to think that’s true.

But let’s even tone it down just a bit…maybe believing you’re a “sales letter away from being a millionaire” is a little too much of a stretch for you.

Can you get your mind around this: you very well may be one (or two or three) sales letters away from financial freedom.

Think about that. Could one sales letter give you the freedom to quit your day job?

Could one successful sales letter pay off your debts?

Because I believe good sales copy is the one critical piece of leverage that can mean the difference between success and failure online… I call Copywriting a “Master Skill.”

Once you can write compelling sales copy, you can create money virtually “on demand.”
  • Need some cash for a vacation? Come up with a promotional idea, write the copy for it, and put your copy in front of your audience!
  • Tax man knocking at your door? Write some copy making a compelling offer, send the email, and watch the dollars flow into your inbox.
  • Want to increase your income dramatically, without increasing your ad budget? Write a new piece of copy that converts browsers into buyers…and your bank balance fattens up like magic.
  • Just need cash FAST? Write copy for someone else and pocket $5,000 or more for writing a simple letter like this one! (I’ll show you how to get these clients.)
“I love Ray Edwards! I’ve used his amazing resources to take my sales to the next level. Somehow, he makes copywriting seem simple, and fun. Highly recommended!”

Cliff Ravenscraft
The Podcast Answer Man
“Ray Edwards flat-out gets results. He has written many profitable pieces of copy for us, including our most profitable sales letter. That sales letter has brought us over $10,000,000 (million) in revenue… Ray’s copy remains the undisputed champion.”

Joe Barton
Founder & CEO
Barton Publishing
“There are relatively few copywriters who get results. Among them, Ray is part of a smaller group still: those who do it with class.”

David Garfinkel
World's Greatest Copywriting Coach
How I Sold Over $400 Million Using 
the Power of Copywriting
I learned my skills as a copywriter in the world of broadcast radio, where I worked for over 30 years. 

Then, when the Internet strangled the life out of radio, I made the move to the Internet. I began working freelance, to write copy and marketing campaigns for some amazing folks, including:
  • Tony Robbins
  • ​Michael Hyatt
  • ​Jeff Walker
  • ​Dan Miller
  • ​Jack Canfield
  • ​Robert Allen
  • ​Mark Victor Hansen
  • ​Frank Kern
  • ​Stu McLaren
  • ​...and many more!
I have been blessed with some astonishing clients, who run incredible businesses, and together we have sold an estimated $400 million or more in products and services since I began doing this.

I’ve also had the opportunity to learn from each of these clients, and the many others I worked with whose names you may not recognize. But even the most obscure clients had something to teach me. I venture to say I’ve had more “behind the scenes” access to multimillion dollar businesses than 98% of people working in marketing, copywriting, and advertising.

It’s been one heck of a fun ride.

And now, you’re invited to join me, as I reveal the secrets of writing persuasive copy.
Let Me Show You How I Do It
I have been blessed with some astonishing clients, who run incredible businesses, and together we have sold an estimated $400 million or more in products and services since I began doing this.

I’ve also had the opportunity to learn from each of these clients, and the many others I worked with whose names you may not recognize. But even the most obscure clients had something to teach me. I venture to say I’ve had more “behind the scenes” access to multimillion dollar businesses than 98% of people working in marketing, copywriting, and advertising.

It’s been one heck of a fun ride.

And now, you’re invited to join me, as I reveal the secrets of writing persuasive copy.
Great News: It’s Not That Tough
Copywriting is a skill that can be learned by just about anybody.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a “writer.”

Even if you didn’t get good grades in English.

If you can write good basic English, you can learn the skill of copywriting. Ever write a memo at work? A love letter to your sweetie? Then chances are you have what it takes to be a copywriter.

All you need now is someone to show you the proven formulas, the hidden structures, and the time-tested tactics of sales copy.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do in this online coaching program.
What the So-Called “Gurus” Won’t Tell You
Here’s the “dirty little secret” most of the so-called gurus simply won’t tell you: they’re almost all great copywriters.

Even though many of them may now hire others (like me, for instance) to write their copy, every single one of them knows: it’s the copy that makes them rich.

That’s why they’re willing to pay big bucks to have their copy written. I know – I get paid large sums of money to write copy for websites and marketers.

My minimum fee for a new sales letter is $150,000.

You may not want to be a copywriter for hire… but if you learn the skill of copywriting, you can use the power of copy to multiply your sales and profits.

And if you need some quick cash, you can always take on a client or two…it’s the ultimate “safety net.”
Why Would I Teach My "Secrets"?
If I were you, right about now I’d be wondering, “If this guy is making so much money as a big-shot copywriter, why on earth would he teach other people how to do it themselves?” Here are the reasons why…

1. My top-tier clients already know how to write copy. Some of them are better copywriters than I am. But they don’t have time to write their own copy, so they call on me. That won’t change, no matter how many people I teach to write their own copy.

2. Many people can’t afford me. I get calls and emails each week from people who just can’t pay me the $150,000 + a percentage it takes to get me on a project.

3. There’s plenty to go around. Some have asked, “Ray, won’t this create a lot of ‘mini-Rays’ who will compete with you?” There are more than enough clients and JV partners to go around. Not only am I happy to teach you how to write copy… I will teach you to get clients and get paid for your copywriting! I’m not worried about competition. There’s more than enough for all of us. (Heck, I turn away jobs every week as it is.)
Please understand, this is not some “get rich quick” scheme.

This is a serious business skill that can provide you with a comfortable six-figure annual income for the rest of your life.

You can run your business from anywhere. You can dream up promotions and campaigns, write the copy, and put the plan into profit… all in the same day.

And yes, you could “retire” from your present job, and use your copywriting skills to build your own marketing empire – working wherever and whenever you want.

I have run my business from all over the USA and Europe:
  • Working from home in the Northwest US (sometimes at my house, sometimes from my office 5 minutes away, and sometimes from Starbucks!)
  • On the road in my 32′ motorhome (I sold the coach, and we’re looking at new ones now)…
  • Traveling to Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York…
  • On vacation with family in Michigan, the Carolinas, Utah, and Montana…
  • ​And from England and Scotland…
My results are not typical – you’ll have your own results. Want to join me in the club of getting results that are “not typical”? Want to know how I manage to get these unusual results?

I owe all of it to copywriting!

What will you do with your copywriting skills?
  • Will you finally get your online business started?
  • Will you write copy freelance, and live a life free from offices, meetings, and memos?
  • Will you take your existing online business and multiply your profits using the power of copy?
Or will you keep struggling along like the 70% of business-owners… who inevitably fail?
Here's What's Included...
Copywriting Academy is a complete, 100% comprehensive online learning-and-doing system that not only teaches you how to write copy that sells your products, services and ideas… but also helps you get it done while you learn.

You work at your own pace – go as fast or as slow as you want.

The techniques, tools and templates are yours, and you can use them to write as many cash-creating promotions, sales letters, product launches, and email campaigns as you want.

For Your One-Time Investment, You Get LIFETIME ACCESS…
Sure, you know you need to master the art and science of copywriting. But what if you can’t wait 10 weeks to finish the entire, comprehensive Academy training? What if you need to bring in some cash in the next 24 hours? In this session, I give you a template, some quick, easy-to-follow instructions, and walk you through examples. You will craft quick copy that creates cash… and you’ll do it in about an hour!
  • This Session has deep principles baked in. Powerful core skills of Master Copywriters are installed into your nervous system in one hour.
  • I’ll give you The World’s Easiest Copy Template™. This is one you’ll use over and over again, and it will make every communication in your life more effective.
  • The 3-Step Delivery System that allows you to bring in money when you need it, often in mere hours. This System will make you a Cashflow Engineer™.
This is the Core Training of the Academy. In this Session you will gain the essential moves that will make you a master. Bruce Lee once said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” While I am giving you more than one “kick” to practice in this Session, this handful of systematic tactics will make you a copywriting force to be reckoned with.
  • How to write the one Magic Sentence™ that will become your Persuasion GPS from now on. This Magic Sentence™ is deceptively simple – yet has revolutionized many businesses. Your business is next!
  • What screenwriters and novelists know that marketers don’t – the power of selling and persuading through story. And this is more than just a re-hash of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey… telling a story is not enough. You must tell the right story, in the right way, to the right people, at the right time.
  • The Buyer’s Journey Genius Map™ is a slick, high-resolution info-graphic that helps you walk your reader through the 12 Gates every buyer must pass through before they decide to buy.
  • ​The Deeper Secrets of the P.A.S.T.O.R. Framework™. What I teach publicly is merely the tip of the iceberg – under the waterline, there is a lot to see. This session takes you from White Belt to Black Belt level mastery of P.A.S.T.O.R.
  • The Perfect Sales Letter Checklist™. This simple tool, suitable for laminating, will be your Copywriting Safety Protocol – never again leave out an important element of your copy. Make sure every Sales Letter you (or your writers) produce contains every crucial element.
In a day when most everyone is faced with an overwhelming mountain of text to read (in magazines, newspapers, on their computers, their tablets, and phones)… how do you cut through the clutter? The answer is in your headlines and subheads. You’re getting the “secret sauce” of attracting the attention of readers, standing out in a sea of sameness, and rising above the mass of the mediocre.
  • The most important copy on your sales page is NOT your Headline. In this session, I will prove this – and I’ll show you the exciting implications of this contrarian viewpoint.
  • Free-Forever Access to the Infinite Headline Swipe File™ – never again be “stuck” for a powerful headline idea.
  • The 5 Headline Archetypes. If this is the only thing you ever know about headlines, it would be enough.
  • ​21 proven templates that will have you generating subheads faster than Krispy Kreme cranks out donuts.
  • ​My secret weapon for knocking down the wall of skepticism & doubt surrounding most of your customers. Once you understand the power of O.P.E.N. you will be able to generate near-instant rapport (using words on a screen!).
  • My secret weapon for knocking down the wall of skepticism & doubt surrounding most of your customers. Once you understand the power of O.P.E.N. you will be able to generate near-instant rapport (using words on a screen!).
  • Turn up the “EQ” with the most powerful (and dangerous) type of headline known to humanity. This is not an exaggeration. Use with caution.
Many would have you believe it doesn’t “work” any more. But I’m here to proclaim the truth: the rumors of the death of email have been greatly exaggerated. The more subtle truth is: what worked 5 years ago won’t work this year. Heck, what worked last year won’t work this year. In this session, you’re finding out what does work. Now.
  • The indisputable, easily verifiable fact that email is still the #1 method for driving sales online. If you have a traditional, brick & mortar business… welcome to the Promised Land. You’re about to gain superhuman marketing powers that leave your former competition wondering what just happened to them.
  • The 3 Core Email Types, what they do, and why you should be using all three.
  • The perfect frequency for emailing your subscribers. Prepare to be shocked.
  • ​The 3 Email Sequences every small business owner needs to have working on automatic pilot… even if you don’t have a website!
  • ​Ray’s Email Treasure Box: Email templates for all 3 Core Types, all 3 Sequences, and more! This is literally “swipe and deploy” email writing.
The most powerful force in copywriting may be the humble bullet point. Have you ever had this experience: you’re reading sales copy, and not sure whether you’re going to buy the product … until you read that one bullet point. That one, incredible, curiosity-invoking bullet point. The one that made you say to yourself: “Okay, I’m going to buy if only to know what the heck this bullet is all about!” Fortunes are made on Bullet Points alone. Nearly every sales letter I see these days has two fatal flaws: (1) not enough bullet points and (2) bullet points done wrong. After this session, your copy will have neither of those flaws.
  • Lessons from The World’s Greatest Copywriter You’ve Never Heard Of. This gentleman gave birth to more profit-pulling copy than 99.99% of all copywriters. Most of that copy was in the form of bullet points.
  • The secret to writing irresistible Bullet Points. How to integrate the 5 Emotional Motivators into your Bullets with ease.
  • The Ultimate Bullet Point Swipe File™. This endless resource of great bullet points will always be available to give you new & innovative bullet point copy.
  • Ray’s Proven 101 Bullet Point Templates. Plug & play – fill in 4-5 blanks once, and generate 101 Bullet Points in seconds.
If I was limited to only one tool in my Copywriter Toolbox, this would be it. If you create a truly irresistible offer, the thing will virtually sell itself. This is harder than you might think – unless you have the secret formula for creating irresistible offers. And now you do.
  • The not-so-obvious components of a truly “irresistible” offer.
  • How to craft your offer in a way that makes the rest of your copy easier to write.
  • The 80/20 Offer Formula – why getting these ratios is important, why messing them up can kill a great offer, and how to get this right every time.
  • The 9 Kinds of Offers. Most copywriters only know about 2 of these. Knowing all 9, how they work, and when to use them takes you from novice to master.
Your job as a copywriter is to remove as much friction from the sales process as possible. The biggest friction point in the sales process is your customer’s fear. It is possible to completely remove that fear and eliminate that friction – if you know what you’re doing.
  • Why a simple, standard “Money Back Guarantee” is required – but still won’t work. What you must do instead.
  • What buyers fear most (it’s not what you think), how it blocks them from purchasing, and how you can totally eliminate this block with my “Tipping Point Protocol.”
  • My 10-Part Guarantee Formula That Works Like a Champ.
  • Total Guarantee Transformation – watch as I take a weak, wimpy Guarantee, and turn it into the most Powerful, Positive, and Persuasive copy on the page.
This is a very weak section of almost every sales letter I analyze. When we were young, most of us were taught: “Don’t talk to strangers.” We were also taught: “Don’t ask people for money.” And then we grow up, become entrepreneurs, and discover we are actually in the business of asking strangers for money. No wonder we have so much inner conflict when it comes to asking for the sale. We ask for the sale hesitantly, haltingly, and ultimately with no conviction.
  • Discover the 7 Deadly Sins of closing copy: which of these do you make? And how much money are these mistakes costing you?
  • The one approach that will allow you to close the deal without “doing the hard-sell.”
  • How to create a “decision-rich environment.” The more opportunities you give your reader to buy, the better the chances he will.
  • My 5 Archetype Closing Copy Templates. Just use these “plug & play” templates, and generate killer closing copy in ten minutes (or less).
Writing copy for a Product Launch is a whole different ball game from normal Copywriting. A “Jeff Walker, PLF®-style launch” is complex. The #1 place people get “stuck” in the process is “writing that pesky sales letter.” I have helped “rescue” many a launch that couldn’t seem to get off the ground. I’ve worked as the lead copywriter on many multi-million dollar launches. I’ve even worked with Jeff Walker himself on launches. Now I’m giving you my best Launch Copy practices, protocols, and tricks. In this session, you’ll receive:
  • The Beginners Guide to Product Launches. If you’ve no idea what makes a Product Launch tick, or if you’ve never looked “under the hood” of a true PLF®-style Launch, I’m giving you the guided tour.
  • Why Launches have not made copy obsolete –on the contrary, launches require more copy than almost any other kind of campaign.
  • My simple Product Launch Genius Map™ of all the copy you need for your product launch.
  • ​The 12 Vital Components of Product Launch Copywriting.
The advent of video marketing online put fear into many copywriters. The fear was that videos would do the selling, and copy would no longer be needed. Looking back, it’s clear this was a ridiculous idea. Video’s, Livecasts, and Webinars all require more and better copy… not worse and less copy. In this session you’re going to discover…
  • Why you must be able to write Video Sales Copy, and how getting good at this will give you an enormous advantage. (This will only be true for a brief window in time, as the market adapts.)
  • How to write incredibly persuasive Video Sales Copy. What’s different about video copy? Plenty, I’ll break down the 9 Nuances that all great video copy contains, and how to make sure your copy contains them.
  • The Perfect Pitch™ – a proven framework for writing a “sales pitch” for video that is incredibly effective. There are differences between your written sales letter and your video sales letter (VSL)… and failing to recognize these differences can spell disaster for your marketing and sales efforts.
  • ​The Video Templates: I supply you with my own tested templates to help you craft your VSL, Webinar, or Live Stream.
plus, get these 3 free bonuses...
Get copies of 4 Sales Letters I wrote for superstar clients such as Tony Robbins and Matt Bacak. These 4 letters brought in over $100 Million in sales. Now you can dissect them and get under the hood of what made these cashflow on command pieces of copy work! PLUS... I'll share a complete, 40-day email autoresponder that comes in a total of 157 pages of email copy that became a sales faucet in my own business.
a Copywriting Business of Your Own
You're about to discover how to get YOUR copywriting business up and running, get higher fees, with less hassle... even if you have tried and failed in the past. In this bonus training we'll cover the problems copywriters face, why it's even worse than it appears, how I solved these problems by accident, and the 7 pillars of a high-fee, low-stress copywriting business! AND... I'll reveal the Final-2%-Rule that can turn you into one of the highest paid, most respected copywriters in your niche, guaranteed!
BONUS #3 - Monthly copywriting critique video calls
Each month, one of my Certified Master Coaches, or Certified Direct Response Copywriters will host a live copy critique video call to give your student feedback on their copy. This is HIGHLY valuable time we will continue to give every single month going forward.
“Highest integrity, a pleasure to work with… and fantastic work. I love working with Ray.”

Jeff Walker
Creator of Product Launch Formula
“He is generous with his teachings and holds nothing back. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to sharpen your sword and let your genius copywriter within you come forth to make an impact on the web and in the world.”

Joel Comm
New York Times Bestselling Author
“Ray Edwards is an absolutely brilliant copywriting and marketing mind, and writes some of the best email copy I’ve ever seen.”

Ben Settle
Copywriter, The World's Foremost Expert on Email Copy
Here Are Just A Few Of The Unique Features That Make This Copywriting Course Different…
Unlike old-fashioned copywriting courses you may have seen before, this course contains only the things you need and nothing you don’t. There’s no “padding” with hundreds of pages of ads from the 1930s to make you experience “perceived value”. We prefer giving you actual value…
Clear Video Instruction
Simple “watch over my shoulder” sessions where I show you exactly how to write your copy.
Checklists & Templates
These templates and checklists make it easy to get your first draft copy finished. Best of all, they are yours to keep and use over and over, as many times as you wish.
Full Transcripts & Slides
If you like you learning in good old-fashioned text format, you’ll love this. Enhanced transcripts of every session. Print ’em and mark ’em up, or read on your iPad. We took the notes for you.
Downloadable Media
We make both the audio and video versions of each session downloadable, so you can enjoy them anywhere, anytime.
Do As You Learn
This course is set so that you complete the work as you learn. So you don’t just walk away with “head knowledge”, you walk away with copy finished.
Q&A Call Library
We offer Live Q&A calls every month. You will get exclusive access to the recordings of previous Q&A calls (a massive library!).
What Are People Saying About Ray?

Gail Mercer-MacKay

"Freelance Writing Coach"

"Since joining, I've gone from 6-figures to 7-figures as a freelance writer!"

Before Gail discovered The Copywriting Academy, she was a freelance writing coach looking to grow her business in her big way.

She was afraid to join the program at first because she worried it would be a waste of time and money. After a chance seminar meet-up with Ray, she decided that joining the Academy was the right thing.

Now she's a sought after, in-demand freelance copywriter and freelance writing coach making over 7 figures a year!

"The Copywriting Academy is the gift that keeps on giving!"

Before Mike discovered The Copywriting Academy, he was desperately trying to find a way out of a corporate marketing job he dreaded on a daily basis. 

He craved the freedom a career as a freelancer could offer. But he wasn't sure what marketable skills he had, he didn't know how to book the kinds of clients he wanted to work with, and he wasn't sure he had the writing skills to deliver results to those clients. 

After a process of full immersion, he gradually began to grow his side-hustle copywriting and marketing business until he was able to leave his corporate C-suite job. 

Now he is the host of the #1 podcast on personal branding and works with a host of illustrious clients such as John Maxwell and other superstar influencers.

Mike Kim

"Marketing & Branding Expert"

John Meese

"Dean of Michael Hyatt's Platform University"

"Following Ray's formulas, my first online course made $30,000 to a list of only a few hundred subscribers!" 

John is a blogger, podcaster, and software developer.

He purchased The Copywriting Academy when he was still a full-time employee at Chick-fil-a making only $25,000 a year. As a young husband and father, he wanted to be a better provider for his family. To do so, he began selling digital courses online. He new how to "build" systems and websites online, but he had no clue how to "sell" them.

Eventually, John quit his day job and more than doubled his income all on the back of courses he launched using Ray's copywriting techniques and formulas. Now he is the Dean of Michael Hyatt's Platform University membership.

"My email open rates increased by 40% using Ray's templates and sales increased by 15% almost immediately! I feel like what I'm doing should be illegal. It's TOO easy!"

Ernest knew the power of copywriting and had hired several writers to improve the copy in his law practice. 

Wanting to save himself some money, he decided to learn how to write his own copy. After taking several courses, he wasn't sure he'd ever really master it because the courses were very complicated.

Seeing how Ray made the entire process MUCH easier from start to finish and how he tailored it to business owners, he decided to dive in head first. 

Within the space of a week, he sold over $14,000 and his business more than doubled within the first year afterwards.

Ernest Svenson


The 7 Most Common Reasons Why 
Resistance Reason #1: “I don’t know if copywriting is really part of my marketing mix, and anyway I heard that long, hypey sales letters are dead.”
Ray’s Response: It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, you need to know the powerful secrets of great copy. Sales letters are far from dead; but the game has changed. Tap into the knowledge I’ve gained working with my Superstar Clients to learn what works today. You’ll gain complete insight into the structure of successful and powerful sales letters – putting you far ahead of 99% of other marketers.
Resistance Reason #2: “I don’t have a big list and can’t do any kind of online sales letters or direct marketing types of promotion.”
Ray’s Response: The size of your list doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t have a list at all. In the FREE BONUS TRAINING, Your First 1,000 Subscribers, you’ll get a complete blueprint and time-tested tactics for building a very responsive list from scratch…so you don’t need to have a list right now.
Resistance Reason #3: “I’m not sure how to go about getting people motivated to read long copy – or short copy for that matter.”
Ray’s Response: Whether you’re a new marketer or you’re a grizzled veteran, when you dig into The Academy you’ll get proven templates and tactics for writing copy and content that keeps people reading from start to finish!
Resistance Reason #4: “I just don’t think it’s possible to make small changes in your copy that will lead to big changes in your sales results….”
Ray’s Response: Ask Arlin Rhineholdt (pseudonym), one of my clients, who made small changes I suggested to his web site and saw a 197% increase in sales! Ask Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, who made over $500,000 in a single weekend using my copy. In the Academy, you’ll encounter the no-nonsense secrets on how to increase sales response by making small changes that take only minutes…and all of them are free.
Resistance Reason #5: “I don’t have any products to sell that require ‘copywriting’… or I just don’t have a product to sell, period.”
Ray’s Response: Whatever you do, don’t let this one stand in your way! In fact, if you don’t have product in many ways you are ahead of the game. In Idea to Income in 30 Days or Less, you’re getting The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Your Own Product. You’ll learn how you can use the powerful techniques of copywriting to create your product fast, and from scratch! The best part: you can create a product in a month for free, and I’ll show you exactly how to do it.
Resistance Reason #6: “I’m worried that this is just more of the same old copywriting ‘crap’ so many people seem be peddling online these days…”
Ray’s Response: Let’s dissolve this fear right now: the entire coaching program is the freshest, newest information about what works now, online and offline. Yes, we’ll cover the basics…but in a fresh way, based on my own current experience, my latest research and test results that show what works now, and what doesn’t. No other copywriter will show you this, but in the FREE BONUS SESSION, The Six-Figure Second Income, I will give you all my ‘secrets’…and explain why I’m willing to make myself obsolete!
Resistance Reason #7: “I don’t want to write copy, I just plan to hire a copywriter to do the work….”
Ray’s Response: You should get registered and get access to my FREE BONUS SESSION to find out how to Hire a Copywriter Without Getting Ripped Off Every Time. These are the insider secrets to avoid getting ripped off by sleazy copywriters. I hate to admit this, but there are some unprincipled people out there pretending to be professional copywriters online. You need to know the information in this coaching program before you go spend tens-of-thousands of dollars on a copywriter.
Imagine Your New Life...
Let’s try a little “thought experiment.”

Imagine yourself waking up on a bright, sunny morning.

You don’t wake up to an alarm.

You wake up when you’re finished sleeping.

You get out of bed, slip on your robe, and make yourself a cup of coffee (or your favorite morning beverage).

Maybe you’re leaning back in your chair, sipping your beverage, enjoying the morning sun. You check your email, and discover you’ve made thousands of dollars overnight, while you were sleeping.

In fact, you made more money overnight than you used to make in a month.

You decide to spend the day doing what you want, spending time with your friends, instead of “working.”

Life is surely different than it was in the days when you had a “job.”

Fast-forward to the next day. You wake up, have your breakfast, and look at your email again.

Imagine your delight as you realize you made $25,000… just by sending out one email the night before!

Alright, step back from this scene for a minute and ask yourself a very important question.

Just one question.

What if this could be your new way of life?

If that could really be true… aren’t you the least bit excited?

Can you feel the happiness that comes from knowing something good is about to happen?

How much more freedom, happiness, and joy could you be experiencing right now if your life was like the scenes you were just imagining?

Here’s another question to consider: What if you could go through life without worrying about what things cost?

I can certainly remember a time in my life when I couldn’t go to a restaurant without ordering from the right side of the menu… you know, the side with the prices. I always had to check and see how much the food cost before I ordered it.

Do you know what it’s like to never worry about the prices?

Or… what if your annual income became your monthly income?

Think about it – making the same income in a month that you now make in a year. It happened for me.

It’s happened for plenty of others. It can happen for you, too.

Copywriting is the fastest, easiest, and surest way to boost your sales and profits without increasing your advertising or promotional spending.

Are you ready to boost your sales and profits by improving your sales copy?
3 Guarantees – Even Before You Start Your Training
You wouldn’t let your so-called “Comfort Zone” rob you of the life I just described, would you?

You could double your income and triple your time-off.

Maybe some of those reasons for Resistance I mentioned earlier are pulling at you, to hold you back from the life you deserve.

If that’s the case, let me give you 3 more guarantees to dissolve those reasons for Resistance, one by one…
No Copywriting Experience Needed, Guaranteed: You don’t need to know the first thing about how to “write copy,” because my training will spoon-feed you every step of the way.
No Marketing Experience Needed, Guaranteed: Maybe you don’t have a product to sell, or you don’t have an identity yet in your chosen niche. Doesn’t matter. My training shows you how to create virtually “instant” products, or how to take “tired old products” and give them new life – with new copy. You’ll have those “dead” products (or brand new ones you created in less than a month) flying out the virtual doors at jaw-dropping speed.
No Extraordinary Writing Skills Needed, Guaranteed: Even if you think you “can’t write,” you can still create killer sales copy that will build your fortune. I’ll show you every trick, tactic, and technique you need to know.
And Then There’s the Curiously Simple, Completely Unconditional, Weasel-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee
More than a mere Guarantee, it’s my personal promise. Take a full 30 days and work your way through all the elements of the course. Write your sales copy and use it to sell your products and services.

If you are not surprised and delighted by the increase in sales, profits, and happy customers, simply ask for a refund.
We will promptly send you 100% of your money back, with no hassle, and we will still be friends. I take all the risk. You could rip me off, buy with no intention of keeping your access… then just download all the materials and ask for your money back (but I trust that you won’t!)… and you take no risk at all.
Okay Ray – How Much Is All This Going To Cost?
Well, let’s get some perspective here.

How much is it costing you to not have this program?

No, really. Come up with a number.

Let’s say you currently make $10,000 per month, but you want to make $20,000 per month. That’s a $10,000 shortfall each month.

That’s the same as if you’re writing a check for $10,000 each and every month… for marketing that doesn’t work.

How many months do you want to pay $10,000 for not having the Academy?

$10,000 per month comes out to $120,000 per year.

That’s the cost, in this example, of not being a student in the Academy.
How Much Is It, Already?
The investment in The Copywriting Academy is $1,995, or 4 monthly payments of $595.

But the Academy will cost you nothing. Let me explain…

FIRST, the estimated retail value of everything you receive with your enrollment is $11,982.

That’s like getting over 12 TIMES the investment back, instantly, the moment you enroll!

SECOND, you get the skills necessary to MULTIPLY your sales and profits at will. Need an infusion of $10,000 – $50,000 – even $100,000 or more? Write some copy, send it out, and let the money come to you!

THIRD, you receive a very particular set of skills that will stay with you for life. The ROI over your lifetime is incalculable.

FINALLY, you have 30 days to decide for yourself. If the Academy doesn’t work for you, you get your money back.

For those reasons, the Academy costs you nothing.

Unless you don’t buy it.

That will cost you $120,000 a year – or more.
Ready to Take That First Step
Toward Prosperity?
The first step down a new road can be the scariest one to take — but don’t let fear steal your dreams.

After you take the first step, the rest is just as easy as putting one foot in front of the other. And it won’t be long until you’re living that “dream” we talked about earlier.

So…whichever of those “7 Reasons for Resistance” is holding you back – banish them from your path.

Blow through them, break down the barriers, and accelerate toward your future…

Your future filled with prosperity.
The only way products get sold is through the power of great sales copy.

In fact, can you imagine trying to sell anything if you weren’t able to at least explain what it is and what it does?

I challenge you to try. It just doesn’t happen.

Great sales copy is just that, “explaining”. It’s salesmanship in print.

And there are definitely some ways to put your case into words – which work better than others. That’s what you’re about to learn.

Now picture that ideal life in your head right now.

The one you dream of living.

Make it real.

Imagine how you would feel if you were already living that life.

Visualize the way you would breathe if that life was already yours, already a reality.

Now, step through into that picture by taking action and beginning your training…
That's all there is to it... the rest is laid out for you every step of the way.
YES, Ray! I want to ENROLL NOW!
I understand that I'll receive access to...
  • FREE BONUS #1: RAY'S $100 MILLION DOLLAR SWIPE FILES: (Retail Value $1,497)
  • FREE BONUS #2: SIX FIGURE SECOND INCOME: How to build a Copywriting Business of Your Own CHECKLISTS, TEMPLATES, and OUTLINES (Retail Value $3,497)
Total Retail value: $12,979
ONe last thought
One year from today, God willing, you will still be here on the planet. The question is, will anything in your life be significantly different? 

The answer: only if you do something significantly different.

Maybe this is that new thing you need to do.

I look forward to getting to know you, inside the Copywriting Academy.

To Your Prosperity,
Ray Edwards
Founder - Copywriting Academy
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