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Michael Hyatt, New York Times Best-Selling Author
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Writing copy that sells without seeming “salesy” can be tough, but is an essential business skill. 

How To Write Copy That Sells is a step-by-step guide to writing fast, easy-to-read, effective copy. It's for everyone who needs to write copy that brings in cash – including copywriters, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

Inside, you'll find copywriting techniques for email marketing, web sites, social media, sales pages, ads, and direct mail.

This is not a book of theories or abstract concepts. 

This is a "how-to" book with examples, checklists, and templates you can use to write your own copy to sell your own products.

You can even use the training this book to become a “hired gun" copywriter, and get paid to write copy for other marketers.

When you master the skill of writing copy that sells, you can literally write your own paycheck.

Are You Ready To Multiply Your Revenue and Profits?
A Simple Guide That Gives You the Amazing Power to 
Turn Words Into Wealth
If I could only have one tool in my marketing toolbox, it would be the ability to communicate persuasively. Think about it...

Without the ability to persuade folks to buy what you're selling, you will soon be out of business. 

Yet most people treat “persuasion” (a.k.a. “selling”) as an afterthought. Why do we treat the most important part of our marketing as if were of little consequence? We don't like to sell. We don't like to be sold.

But we do like to buy…

The kind of copywriting I teach is the kind that helps people buy. It seems like magic, but it's not.  Once you know how it’s done, it's incredibly easy.
You'll Discover
  • ​The universal hidden structure behind all good copy.
  • ​How to avoid the most common copywriting mistakes.
  • ​A simple technique for writing copy that’s easy to read.
I'll Show You
  • ​How to write powerful short copy for social media.
  • ​Sample headlines, bullet points, and openings.
  • Tons of templates, examples, and checklists 
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I feel like I just went through an entire college course. So much of this information is soooo useful!!! Will definitely read it again!
Ray Edwards simplifies copy writing in ways that beginners can 'begin' writing effective copy immediately. I'm glad I bought this book.
Great insight that has opened my awareness on how to approach this thing called copywriting. I look forward implementing many of these steps.
Ray teaches you the art of persuasive writing with integrity. I learned so much from this book and will be coming back to it as a guide for all my future advertising projects.
If you own your own business, work in advertising, marketing or graphic design there is no doubt - you NEED this book!
If you want to master the art of writing copy, this is the book to read! In How To Write Copy That Sells, Ray provides proven formulas and strategies that lead the potential client or customer to meaningful (and fruitful) decision. 

Ray's approach to writing copy is a welcome departure from sleazy sales letters and hyper-pressure tactics. Instead, Ray shows the reader how to identify, inform, inspire, and ultimately induce a positive commitment on the part of the end user. 

This book is a must read for any author, speaker, trainer, or entrepreneur who wishes to take their marketing and business to the next level.
Great read. Love the flow and the engagement. This is definitely a reference book that you keep on your desk for​ quick grabs.
This was very down to earth, and easy to read. Ray offers useful tips, and I was able to make effective changes immediately.
Dr. Grady
Easy to read, straightforward advice you can use immediately. I recommend for anyone wanting to write good copy including beginner to experienced marketers and entrepreneurs.
If you loved product launch by jeff walker youll like this book too. Very full of knowledge and really hones on the way a marketer should think.
This wonderful book is just that. It arrived well within the delivery date. 

Going thru the pages was like having Ray with me every step of the way. His instructions are short and to the point. Not wordy or boring and no hype. 

Every writer should have this excellent book by their side at all times.
Copywriting and its role in making purchases is a fascinating subject with a rich history. What I like about this book is that it clearly spells out so many elements in the copywriter's toolbox. 

If you ever find yourself overwhelmed by trying to master copywriting, read this book to get your bearings. I've haven't read every book on copywriting -- yet -- but this book has much the flavor of Strunk and White's The Elements of Style.
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And Here's What People Are Saying:
"A must-have for every marketer, copywriter, and online sales rep!"
Review by Nicole
This book is an absolute necessity for your book collection... and a must read for anyone and everyone who markets and sells things (especially for entrepreneurs), whether you're focused on digital or physical products ... If you don't have it, you're missing out.
"A Must-Have If You Write Emails"
Review by CEOvoss
OMG! The best book I have read on email copy writing. Got so many usable tips and new ideas for writing emails that will get a higher response rate. Plus, the tips for calls to action were priceless.
"A Consumate Wordsmith"
Review by Dakini Whispers
Ray has done it again. 

From a consummate wordsmith - he takes it apart and puts it together again making the mysterious obvious - the unknowable, known.

It IS salesy - but your forgive him because he is so passionate, sincere and likable. I'm sold!!
"Changed my impact in the community ..."
Review by  Catherine
This book has literally changed my impact in the community that I serve! 

I had results within 24 hours of using the insights within the first 3 chapters
"Intelligence and wisdom"
Review by Ken
This book is the best that I have read on this subject. It is the one that I measure other books against. I underlined most of the copy and have gone back over it again ... My advice is to get it and read it.
Review by Chance
I buy a lot of business and marking books. Most are fluff. This book is exactly what I was hoping for. Gives examples of how to and breaks down exactly how to captivate and hook your audience.
"Info I Can Use"
Review by Deanna
I have never read a book with so much info I can use in my fifty year old small business. I am making notes on every page and will go through the book again after finishing reading it and then I will write out all the stuff I circled or underlined. First business book that I have ever have made a comment so positive about. So excited to find time to go through and save all the important things I have read. Yes I am impressed. 
"Great Read"
Review by John
This book was absolutely AMAZING! 

I have had my online business for almost a year now and figured that I may need some more work on my copy. I found the tips in this book to be outstanding and I can't wait to see what type of results I get from trying the techniques offered in this book.
"Ray knocked it out of the park with this one!"
Review by John
Ray really knocked it out the park with this book! 

The book was highly recommended by someone that I knew and I'm happy to have made the purchase because while I was reading the book I was making changes on the fly to my salespages, emails, and website. Money well spent for sure!
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