Do You Have the courage to BecomeMillion-Dollar Copywriter?

Give Me 3 Days and I’ll Give You My Proven System to Start, Run, and Grow Your Own 7-Figure Freelance Copywriting Business
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July 9 - 11, 2019
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Dear Copywriting Friend,

If you lay awake at night wondering how to pay the tax man, how to afford braces for your kids, or how to feel like you’ve finally broken free from living check-by-check with no hope of long-term savings or retirement…

If you secretly dream of leaving your corporate job to do work you love with clients that inspire you… if you want to make more money than a brain surgeon without years of schooling, residency, or mountains of debt… then read every word on this page!

I’m going to show you exactly how I became a million-dollar copywriter and how you can legally high-jack my 7-figure secrets and use them to build your own copywriting practice.
You may be thinking… “how does a guy who writes ads online make a million dollars?”

But the real question burning inside of you is… “Could I do that too? Could I do half as much? Gosh… could I even do a quarter of that?!?!”

That’s what most of my students really want to know. And that’s what I’m going to share with you.

I’m Looking for A New Generation of Courageous Copywriters

The road to building a high 6-figure or even 7-figure freelance copywriting business has its challenges. 

It takes courage, tenacity, and endurance. It takes focus, drive, and determination. And most importantly, it takes a big dose of my favorite four-letter word… a word that many of you may find offensive… WORK! 
But that’s not all…

You can be the hardest worker and the most driven person on the planet and still never reach 6 figures in your copywriting business.

So what’s the big secret?

Here’s the deal. What you really need is a coach, a mentor, a guide. Someone who’s figured it out already. 

But your coach needs to be someone who’s genuinely interested in you as a person. Not just someone who wants to flaunt your success to boost their ego or visibility. There are plenty of “those” kinds of mentors.

Early in my career I gave in and signed up for a coaching program. I applied what my 2 mentors taught me and my income skyrocketed!

I was in demand and had my pick of the best clients. 

To this day, I’m still friends with my mentors. But I don’t take copywriting clients anymore. 

If I did, it would cost the client $150,000 to retain my services, plus a hefty royalty on top-line revenues.

The reason I don’t take clients anymore is because I have a new mission in life, and it’s all about you!
From MLB to REICC:

“Based on my experience as a Major League Baseball Player and having over 150 coaches in my life-time, I know the importance of having a good mentor.

 “As I transitioned to a career in business… I decided to hitch my wagon to one leader, coach, friend, person that I know cares not only about my success, but about my well-being outside of business. And that’s very important to me!
 “Ray Edwards is a coach of the highest caliber… both with regard to his knowledge of business, marketing, and copywriting, as well as his genuine desire for his students to thrive.

 “The fastest way to success in this business is to have a mentor that does all the things Ray does.

 “With his guidance and direction, I’ve been able to grow my business rapidly and write for big, multi-million-dollar clients.”

  Rusty Ryal, Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter

My Goal Is to Make Every Ray Edwards 
Certified Copywriter a Millionaire!

The goal of this 3-Day Certification workshop is to directly impart to you the so-called “magic” that makes a million-dollar copywriting business a reality.

Now… that’s not the typical result. It’s highly unusual.

But it’s definitely not magic… It’s method.

I want every copywriter to enter the workshop as a “Writing Disciple” and leave as a “Millionaire in the Making.”

On top of that… my big, hairy, audacious goal is to turn each Certified Copywriter into a real Millionaire within 12 months of leaving the workshop.

I know... It sounds impossible.

But in the immortal words of Walt Disney: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

And just imagine… what if it works?
What You’re Getting When You Join the Copywriter Certification Program 

First, I’ll send you the Copywriting Certification Program Roadmap. It’s your preparation guide for the workshop. Yes, I’m giving you homework! 

In the Roadmap you’ll discover the 4 stages of becoming a fully certified Ray Edwards copywriter. 

Following this Roadmap is the fastest way to certification. 

• Stage 1, “Deep Observation—Passive Mode”
• Stage 2, “Skills Acquisition—Practice Mode”
• Stage 3, “Experimentation—Active Mode”
• Stage 4, “REI Certified Copywriters”

Included in the Roadmap are all the action steps needed to develop your full copywriting craft, including my “Copywriting Classics” reading list.

Next, we’ll meet in person for the 3-day intensive. I’ll open my vault of secrets and teach you how you can build a business like mine and grow it to 7-figures. 
From Litigation to Coaching
and Copywriting:

“Ray has helped me build a really successful copywriting business which allowed me to leave my full-time litigation practice.

“As any doctor or CPA or attorney knows, it’s not easy to replace the kind of income a full practice offers.

“With Ray’s guidance, I was able to grow my copywriting business to over 6 figures while still running my practice full-time.

“Ray has referred me to some awesome clients and the coolest thing is, this year I’ve already passed multiple 6 figures doing stuff I totally love!

“It’s so awesome to be able to do what I love at a really high level and work for some wonderful, big-hearted clients.”

 — Sara Anna Powers, Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter

Here’s what we’ll focus on each day…

DAY 1: Copywriting as a Craft

How to ensure your success in the REICC Program. I’ll show you right attitude and sense of expectation you need to achieve high 6 and 7-figure success.

Why knowing the history of the copywriting business is so important. You’ll see why many copywriters fail due to a lack of foundational knowledge of this business and the psychology that drives it.

What the 5 rules of copywriting are and how to set new habits that engrain these rules into you copywriter DNA. Even the most incompetent writer can learn to be competent and eventually excellent if they establish the high-performance habits in the copywriting hierarchy.
What the Experts Say:

“Ray Edwards is not only a master copywriter, he is the best copywriting teacher I know. Whether you are selling a product, a service, or a point-of-view, Ray’s program will give you the training you need to move your prospects to buy NOW.”

 — Michael Hyatt, Platform University

•  How to use technology to improve your writing. I’ll share the tools, software, apps, hardware, productivity hacks, books, routines, and rituals that will give you the support you need to succeed.
•  How to simultaneously shepherd your readers while boosting sales dramatically. This copywriting and marketing formula is at the heart of every success I’ve had in business. We’ll go deep into the formula. By the end of the day, you’ll know exactly how to use it as the key mechanism in your REICC assignments and all your copywriting endeavors. 

• A step-by-step guide to entering the conversation already going on in the customers mind. With the help of this emotional mind map, you’ll learn how to take your prospect by the hand and lead them through each stage of the buyer’s journey.
 • Why swipe files and writing formulas are not enough to give you breakthrough copywriting success. Yes, studying swipe files, copying winning sales letters by hand, and employing templates and formulas are helpful and important. But to become a true A-list copywriter capable of bringing in floods of leads and sales, you need this indispensable set of tools.

• How to think like a copywriting Kung Fu master. I’ll demonstrate how 90% of your success in building a copywriting business is based on your mindset. The 10% that belongs to craft and technique is crucial. But… without these mindset shifts, you’ll never have enough mental strength to build the copywriting business of your dreams.

DAY 2: Growing Your Copywriting Business

• How to start, prepare, write, check your ego, deal with stupid client tricks, and employ all 10 of my hard-won tactical lessons while writing your copy. Take a shortcut by learning from my mistakes. This will give you higher conversions and better client relationships.

• How to harness your copywriting craft. These 12 habits of highly successful freelance writers will make all the difference in your business.

• When to use each of the 10 categories of copywriting and how to master them all. The more clearly you explain which copywriting categories you offer and specialize in, the quicker you’ll find the path that leads to bigger fees.
• How Eugene Schwartz, Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy and other legendary copywriters tapped the consciousness of their market to solve their problems and create sales explosions in the process. I’ll open my ‘Chamber of Secrets’ and share the keys to copywriting success you can’t find anywhere else in my teaching materials.
• A simple and entertaining way to discover your zone of genius. This path to discovery is filled with treasures such as… How to approach copywriting as a business instead of a lottery… Why you don’t need to the best copywriter to be a rich copywriter… the 4 Stages of Craft and which one you need to be in… and… a 7-day outline to help you discover your unique voice.
What the Experts Say:

“I first met Ray when I was still working for Tony Robbins. We needed a sales letter for a new product. Hiring Ray to write that sales letter was one of the best decisions we ever made because he nailed it. Every time we used Ray’s copy, our sales went through the roof!” 

— Amy Porterfield, Digital Course Academy

DAY 3: Getting Momentum

• What you need to build a “cash on command” copywriter website. Turn your home page into a money-making machine instead of a boring brick wall.

• How to employ “client attraction” systems instead of “client pursuit” systems. This is the secret sauce! These 7 client attraction magnets will help you stop chasing after clients and have them begging you to take on their projects.

• A fail-proof client-getting system. This is the magic, sustainable, self-funding system that consistently brings a flow of prime customers in your door.

• The 5 most important things you MUST know about your customer. No, it’s not their income bracket, their political affiliation, or their favorite Facebook pages. These are the things under the surface that direct their subconscious decisions making. When you learn to discover who your prospect is on this deep emotional level, you’ll be perfectly positioned to help them see you as the one that can solve their problems and lead them to the promised land.

• My secret formula for answering every potential client’s favorite question… “how much do you charge?” I’ll explain how HR x HTC x 2 = PF is the best burnout-prevention-plan… how it leads to higher fees from better, more qualified clients... and why you can and should charge 10 times the rates of other copywriters.
What the Experts Say:

“Ray Edwards flat-out gets results. He has written many profitable pieces of copy for us, including our most profitable sale letter. That sales letter brought us over $10,000,000 (million) in revenues… Ray’s copy remains the undisputed champion.”

— Joe Barton, Barton Publishing

• How to design your life on the “7 Freedoms” and how to express them internally, externally, and spiritually. Combined with learning to set and keep BAM goals, which I’ll teach you, you’ll light your internal “freedom” engine on fire. Soon, your life will be so much better you’ll hardly recognize yourself.
• The nuts and bolts of structuring your business so you won’t be slowed down by the typical online speed-bumps. We’ll go over how to us SMART goals, 90-day plans, workflows, financial planning, the pros and cons of different business entities, how to choose the right name for your business, using licenses and permits, setting up your accounting system, and what essential documents you need to have on hand to operate.
• How to write killer landing page copy that converts. The 5 key features you need to turn on a river of leads coming through your landing page and how much a single well written page is worth.
• Steps to leveraging your certification. How and why to use your new status and the appropriate use of the logo and name.

• How I built my business rapidly by knowing how to work an event. I’ll reveal my strategy for turning seminars into “client-magnet-meetups” by making sure you do a few specific things before, during, and after every conference you attend.
Wait… There’s More!
Each day after lunch, I’ll give you a specific writing assignment.
An important part of becoming a successful copywriter is learning how to write persuasive copy on a tight deadline.

I always recommend giving yourself a long enough runway to get copy written for your clients. But you’ll soon realize that being able to deliver good copy quickly is an indispensable tool in your copy-kit.

Your assignments include a complete sales letter, a persuasive email, and a lead-capturing landing page.

After your assignments are examined and analyzed by me and my team… and once you’re deemed worthy of the title “Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter” … you’ll get your official Certification Package, including…
  •  Certified Copywriter Seal for your personal website.
  •  Listing on the Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter’s Page.
  •  First consideration for projects with Ray’s in-house agency, Inklings, Inc.
  •  Special treatment & visibility at Ray Edwards Events.
  •  Monthly group coaching and Q&A calls.
  •  Potential copywriting leads from Ray Edwards International, Inc.
And Here’s Your “Full Access” Bonus Package
When you register for the REI Copywriting Certification Program, not only will you get 3 days of my best copywriting and business-building secrets, you’ll also get free access to my best online courses.
Bonus #1 - The Copywriting Academy. This is my flagship copywriting training. It’s the most comprehensive of its kind on the market today. It includes…

               • 10-module online video program ($5,000 value)
               • 2 Free tickets to Copy Academy Live ($10,000)
               • 12 live group coaching calls ($5,000 value)
               • Checklists & info-graphics ($2,500 value)
               • Private FB group ($1,200 value)
               • Internal Bonus Course: First 1,000 subscribers ($997 value)
               • Internal Bonus Course: Idea to Income in 30 Days ($997 value)
               • Internal Bonus Course: Rapid Copywriting Method ($495 value)
               • Internal Bonus Course: $100 million swipe file ($495 value)

Bonus #2 - Prosperous Business Academy. ($397/month… $4,764/year)

               • One-stop Business Marketing & Messaging, plus Coaching from Ray. It’s like having your own “Marketing                              Department in a Box.”
               • Monthly live video training.
               • Monthly live Q & A Calls.
               • Copy, website, marketing reviews.
               • Monthly prosperity package… box of cool stuff.
               • Monthly Ray Edwards report newsletter.
               • Monthly marketing templates.
               • Monthly Ray Edwards Report.
               • “Golden Ticket” ... Free access to an additional Ray Edwards Course each month.
               • Foundation Friday’s, a live “Spiritual Foundations Session” each week.

Bonus #3 - Get Clients First & More Money Now. ($997 value)

               • A complete system for getting the highest paying, most qualified clients so you can work less and                             make more.
               • The portal to paradise… a 7-phase money-getting system.

                       1.   Identifying potential clients.
                       2.   Investigating potential clients.
                       3.   Qualifying clients.
                       4.   Eliminating clients you don’t want to work with.
                       5.   Simplifying the client-getting system.
                       6.   Monetizing your system.
                       7.   Automating your system.
               • 7 “Pillar Principles” and how to turn your best material into your best marketing.
               • How to “Dollarize” your customer’s problems to turn them into high fees they’re happy to pay for your services.
Bonus #4 - Exclusive Pathfinder Mastermind Program. ($2,500 value)

• Be a part of your own private mastermind group of like-minded REICC members.

• You’ll grow together as you check in on monthly zoom calls and encourage, support, and participate in this vital, thriving, personalized mastermind communities.

All these extra bonuses are worth a total value of… $33,745

But you’ll get them for FREE!

The first step to getting access to me, my million-dollar business secrets, and the heaps of astounding bonuses is to click the link below… enrollment is just $1,000 a month (12 monthly installments). Once we have received your first payment, one of my team members will contact you to schedule a phone call to complete your enrollment.

Yes, this is an interview. We want to see if you’re a good fit for this program.
Why? Because we only admit a select few into the ranks of the REICC.

If you’ve read this far, you’re obviously interested. You’re probably giving this some serious thought.
Here’s what I’ll do for you…

Click the link to enroll, schedule a call, and let’s talk.

If it turns out you’re not a good fit or you decide this program isn’t for you, I will refund your money, no questions asked.

“Is This Right For Me? Am I ‘Good Enough’ Yet?”
You most assuredly are…
If you are a competent writer… If you can write a Facebook post about your family reunion…

If you have ever written a yearly “Christmas Letter” to your family…

Or if you can write a business memo… or even if you can simply write an intelligible email with most of the punctuation correctly placed…

Then I believe you can quickly become a high-value, high-income copywriter.

A Million-Dollar Copywriter, even.

Why This Workshop Shouldn’t Cost You a SINGLE PENNY

This workshop should MAKE you money.
It should be an investment that pays you back immediately (if you implement the way I instruct you).

I’m not promising that will happen because I have no idea what you will or will not be willing to do.

But with the knowledge I teach you, you’ll have the tools to get clients right away and charge decent fees, even if you’re a beginner.

For example… here are some sample fees beginners might get for writing copy as a Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter:

• Sales Copy Tune-up, $750

• Marketing Tune-up, $1,250

• Sales Letter, $3,500

• Email Series (10 Emails), $1,500

• Landing Page, $500

• 10-Page Lead Magnet, $1,000

• Product Launch Package (Including Sales Letter, Video Scripts, Email Sequences, and more), $10,000.

If you get just 4 clients a month with an average fee of $2,500 each, you’d make $120,000 a year. If you added one Product Launch Package per quarter (4 for the year), you’d add $40,000 to your revenue making you a total income of $160,000.

Again, I can’t and don’t promise these kinds of results, and let me be clear… they are not typical.

Why can’t I promise? Because I do not know how hard you’ll work.

I don’t know how far you’re willing to go.

What you have to ask yourself is… “Am I going to be the typical student who listens but doesn’t apply? Or am I going to do everything in my power to achieve these results?”

Imagine Life With a High 6-Figure or 7-Figure Copywriting Business

What will it be like when…
• You can pay off big chunks of debt at a using your extra cashflow?

• Or, maybe you’ll want to surprise your spouse with that vacation you’ve dreamed about for years?

How will your family relationships improve when…

• You can take your kids on fun adventures without worry about the expense or the time away from work and the cost of not putting in the hours you used to?

How will you feel when…

• You can work 3 months out of the year and take the other 9 months off?

• Or, if you want to hustle… you can work all year for a full 10-20 hours a week, and maximize your income?

• You work only when you want to work.

• You only accept projects and work you love.

• You don’t have to work with or for manipulative jerks and bullies—ever again!

• You can take time off whenever you want, without asking anyone’s permission!

• You can fully fund your retirement (even though you’re building a life you will never want to “retire from”!)

My Personal Commitment to You...
The Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter Program is MUCH more than just another seminar.
When I put my name on you, on my certified copywriters, I’m making a serious commitment to you.

It’s more than a promise. It’s more than a guarantee.

It’s a covenant. It’s a vow.

I vow to give you the very best of myself and my money-making, copywriting, and business-building secrets.

I vow to give you access to my best courses and trainings to support the knowledge and experience you’ll have during the workshop.

From Award Winning Composer to Copywriter:

“After I lost my university teaching job, I went into a tailspin of depression. Even though I’d started working in online marketing, I was only going through the motions. The identity crisis I suffered shut down my hope, my faith, and my courage. 
“It may sound silly to say it, but I thank God every day for Ray Edwards! He not only taught me how to use my experience as a professional musician to create my unique voice and brand… he woke me up from my stupor. He gave me back the faith I’d lost in myself. He showed me the acres of diamonds all around me and gave me back the one thing I thought I’d lost forever, my self-worth.

“Ray is so much more than an A-list copywriter and mentor, he’s a truly good and caring man from top to toe.”

— Dr. Douglas Pew, Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter

And I promise that if you apply what I teach you, if you follow the path I lay out for you, you will truly “arrive” in the not too distant future.
I cannot make any specific promises of income. That’s just irresponsible and wrong.

Only you know how much effort, time, and attention you’ll put into creating your copywriting business.

I’ll do everything in my power to help you get there.

Lives will change at this workshop.

But you have to take the first step.

This Workshop WILL Sell Out

Your window of opportunity is closing fast!
We only have a few seats left in the room. I can’t do anything about the room size. I’ve booked the space and I can’t move the walls to let more people in.

The demand has been so high for this program that we’re going to raise the price soon.

So I’ll ask you one more time…
Do you have the courage to be a million-dollar copywriter?

If you do, click the link below and secure your place among the elite at the Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter Workshop.

It’s Decision Time

You’re standing at the crossroads.

Of the two roads before you, the one on the left is the road you’ve been traveling on so far… it’s rough, uphill, rocky, and full of pain and toil.

On the right is the road less traveled.

It’s smooth, paved, and proven to be the easiest way to finally stop “talking” the big game…

…and start PLAYING the big game!

Choose the right road.

Let’s walk that road together.

To Your Prosperity,
P.S. One year from today, you will certainly “arrive.” The real question is… where? If you want to be somewhere different than where you are now, you’ll have to do something different than what you’re currently doing. Take the first step toward a different future and secure your seat today. 

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