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April 7-9, 2021 
“TCA live was a pivotal moment in my business and personal life, which has blessed me in ways I could have never imagined. If you let it, this conference may be the beginning of the rest of your life.”
- Tara Wright, 2019 Attendee
During our 3-day, virtual experience together you’ll...
  • Get your COMPLETE high-performing sales copy MASTER CODEBOOK written in 3 DAYS!
  • Clarify your Core Message into your own customized Messaging Codebook. 
  • Use your customized MASTER CODEBOOK to  ASSEMBLE COPY (instead of writing it)!
    • Strategize how to reach and Influence your “Right Fit Clients” with precision. 
    • Monetize your Message by simplifying your copy. ALL your copy.

    CLARIFY YOUR MESSAGE and Make 2021 A Year of 
    MAXIMUM Prosperity! 

    From: Ray Edwards

    49° North Latitude
    Pacific Northwest United States
    Dear Fellow Business Owner,

    You survived the topsy-turvy “Twilight Zone” of 2020. Congratulations!

    But have any of these words haunted you over the past year? Are some of these words still haunting you ... today?
    Most all of us took some lumps this past year.

    My business wasn’t immune to disappointments and setbacks. Some of them caught me completely by surprise.

    To just be REAL...

    I have been through hell and back over the past 12 months. I know I'm not the only one.

    My business got turned upside-down, and so did my health. All the seminars were canceled, and so were the checks I was expecting to get for speaking at many of those seminars.

    Not to mention, the half-dozen LIVE EVENTS of our OWN that we had to cancel.

    Our state FORCED US to stop seating customers inside the coffee shop my son Sean  and I own and operate, Revel 77 Coffee. But we stayed in business … and had our BEST YEAR EVER more on that (and how you can borrow our best ideas) later...

    And while I didn’t get the virus (knock on wood), I did endure and expensive and incredibly painful shoulder surgery, nasty opioids, two trips to the ER, blood infection, and more… it  turned this year into quite the rollercoaster.

    And yes, we all “made it through 2020”... BUT....

    Is 2021 any guarantee of better times to come?

    Not necessarily.

    Thousands of small businesses folded under the enormous difficulties last year. But many others, though they took serious hits, found new ways to increase profits (like my online copywriting business, and even our bricks-and-mortar business - the aforementioned coffee shop).

    Ignoring the current issues is NOT an option. The pandemic, and its economic implications, are still very much with us. The truth is, there could be EVEN MORE shutdowns.

    How long are you willing to sit back and wait for “normal” to return?

    There’s really NO TIME TO LOSE!

    RIGHT NOW IS YOUR TIME - to push through, pivot, and find a new way forward.

    What Kept Our Doors Open DESPITE 2020’s Lunacy?

    How did we manage to not only keep both businesses chugging along?

    It  all came down to ONE simple, predictable method ANY business in ANY niche can quickly master. A method of changing your words so you can change your world.


    But the trick is, this word/world-changing method only works if it comes from a genuine place of empathy and service.

    BE ADVISED: if you use these tools to fleece your customers, it will work against you.

    By using these tools for predictable success... 

    Many past TCA Live attendees increased their earnings by 20%, 30%, or more. A few even DOUBLED their profits!

    And while I can’t promise you any specific results, I can tell you that the result of doing NOTHING is (almost always) - you guessed it - NOTHING.

    And that makes this THREE DAYS a VITAL INVESTMENT for you & your business.
    Let me make sure that sinks in...

    When you join me and my team for 3 days during the TCA Live 2021 virtual experience this April…

    You’ll have the COPY-CLARIFYING tools to SIMPLIFY YOUR MESSAGE ... and write yourself a BIG FAT Paycheck not too long afterward!

    …assuming you put these tools to work, of course.

    That’s what we’ve been able to do this year in our businesses.

    Despite the pandemic, by using the word/world-changing method I’ve taught for years, we were QUICKLY able to pivot and get back on our feet. 

    2020 ended up being yet another 7-figure year for my main business.

    And we found new and creative ways to keep our coffee shop (Revel 77)  thriving. We even had RECORD HIGH months… DURING shutdown!

    No matter WHAT type of business you’re in, if you apply the methods we’ll teach you during The Copywriting Academy Live 2021 Virtual Experience, you’ll have what it takes to thrive!

    But I have another question for you…

    Why Do So Many TCA Live Attendees 
    Earn So Much More After Attending?

    It’s NOT because they got to rub shoulders with inspiring industry leaders… though you WILL get to spend time with several inspiring leaders.

    It’s NOT even because they got some amazing tools to crush their negative mindset challenges… though you WILL get LOTS of that too.

    It’s because at TCA Live you get to work directly with me and my team using our ONE PROVEN METHOD for crafting sales copy that sells more, to more people, more often.

    Whether you’re a brand new business owner or a long-time veteran, dialing in your sales copy with me and my team is a CAN’T-MISS opportunity. Especially at this LOW ticket price!

    I mean, look what one attendee of TCA Live 2019 was able to 
    help just ONE of his clients achieve DURING the pandemic!

    (*INCOME DISCLAIMER: Results are NOT typical. We cannot and are not making any
     income claims or promises. This image simply serves as a sample of what CAN be 
    if you put in the work. Screenshot of 2020 revenue as of Dec. 17, 2020)

    And here’s what a student of mine brought in simply by 
    changing his words during the month he himself had COVID!

    (*INCOME DISCLAIMER: Results are NOT typical. We cannot and are 
    not making any income claims or promises. This image simply 
    serves as a sample of what CAN be if you put in the work)
    This kind of success is a real possibility for you too. It all comes down to how consistently and effectively you use the word/world-changing tools I share during TCA Live 2021.

    During the virtual event, we’ll spend 2 power-packed days together to…

    Craft MESSAGING that will attract the RIGHT people at the 
    RIGHT time so you can literally change YOUR world!

    If you want to develop a loyal, excited, trusting tribe of lifetime customers... 

    If you want to make sure you don’t have to worry about PAST DUE notices, COLLECTIONS, or the possibility of the Unemployment line...

    TCA Live 2021 Will Help You
    Build The Solid Foundation Of Your Future!
    All from the comfort of your home or office...

    What Attendees Are Saying...

    Tara Wright

    “TCA Live 2019 is where a radical transformation of my heart and mind began. I attended TCA live expecting to learn a lot about copywriting - which I did. But it was so much more than that. TCA Live is where I decided to take my business to the next level. To stop making excuses and treating my business like a hobby. I embraced God's mission for my life, which is to help people recover their health. 

    “TCA live was a pivotal moment in my business and personal life, which has blessed me in ways I could have never imagined. As Ray says, "Change your words, change your world." If you let it, this conference may be the beginning of the rest of your life.”

    Leslie Nafus

    “I have never been to a conference that was—in any way—like Ray Edwards’ Copywriting Academy Live 2019. Every speaker literally gave the house away when it came to offering us value. This is a moment that I revisit more often than any other training I have attended. For encouragement in difficult moments, practical tips in business and copywriting, and just sheer enjoyment. 

    “Plus, there are the relationships that were formed in the conference, multiple people that I still talk with weekly. Some of them even daily. There was no part of this conference that wasn't valuable. The first day alone was well worth the price of admission.”

    Helena Escalante

    “When I attended TCA Live in 2019 I had no clue what to expect... I was indeed excited and interested in being there, but I thought it would be just another conference. And I was sooooo wrong! The speakers were top-notch and the topics fascinating... but the people... getting to know the attendees and the presenters was the absolute best part! 

    “Little did I know that I'd be making a group of super-smart and mega-talented friends and mentors that I now consider family, and to whom I can turn for help with all things copywriting and more. Rarely do conferences provide such a warm and welcoming atmosphere: everyone was all smiles and joy from beginning to end. That's the magic of TCA Live, Ray, and his wonderful team!”

    Beth Moore

    “Change your words, change your world.” TCA Live 2019 delivered on that promise – those three days were jam-packed with life-changing value! I learned not only about writing, but about the key components of a successful writing career. 

    “Interacting there with Ray’s team, his certified copywriters and the guest speakers was also the start to some of my most significant business relationships… and set me on the path to becoming a certified copywriter myself."
    An inspiring lineup of speakers with proven track records for success. 
    Learn from the best and apply everything directly to your business.
    Leslie Samuel, Emcee
    Influencer and speaker at events like Social Media Marketing World and Free The Dream.
    Ray Edwards, Copywriter & Founder of The Academy
    Mastermind behind over $400 million in sales and teacher to thousands of successful students.
    Dr. Fred Jones, Worthologist
    Helping entrepreneurs write their worth,  value their voice, and tell their story. Write a book, build a brand, and grow a business.

    What To Expect... Hour By Hour

    The Complete Agenda of The Copywriting Academy Live 2021
    All Times Are Eastern Time (New York)

    DAY 1-DAY 3 (April 7th-9th)

    • 10:30am: Virtual Doors Open ("...to be early is to be on-time.")
    • 10:45am-2:15pm: Live Event
    • 2:15pm-3:15pm: LUNCH BREAK
    • 3:15pm-6:30pm: Live Event
    • 6:30pm-7:30pm: Dinner Break (Wed. & Thurs. Only!)
    • 7:30pm-9:30pm: Live Event (Don't-Miss Evening Sessions Wed. & Thurs. Only!)



    The Most Important Coaching

    You’ll Ever Get!

    In some of our sessions, we have set aside time for LASER COACHING ... 

    ...where you will get coaching directly from me (Ray Edwards) and also from my Master Certified Copy Coaches.

    This is where you get to ask YOUR specific, "nuts & bolts" questions about your individual copy and marketing challenges... problems... and opportunities.

    Last time we did this, it was THE SINGLE MOST POPULAR  PART OF THE WHOLE EVENT... 

    So of course, we're bringing it back with some surprise, high-powered upgrades.

    Make sure you block off ALL THE HOURS for the sessions, so you don't miss a single opportunity to get your personalized LASER-COACHING.

    This could be the SINGLE BREAKTHROUGH YOU NEED to make 2021 your Personal Best Year Yet!

    With this powerful and PERSONAL coaching, you’ll have…

    The Ultimate Resources To Overcome ANY Struggle or Challenge!

    Here's a big clue as to why our coaching works so well...

    Whatever your personal, business, or life goals may be, the FIRST person you MUST persuade is YOURSELF! And we’ll help you conquer this most important hurdle during the TCA Live 2021 Virtual Experience.

    "All Together now!"

    Even though we can’t travel like we used to, we can still meet and grow together!

    When you buy your ticket to the TCA Live 2021 Virtual Experience, here’s the (mostly) complete list of what you’ll get…

    • 3 Days of Working WITH ME To Create YOUR “MESSAGING CODEBOOK” -  The Master Document That Will CHANGE THE WAY YOU CRAFT COPY!
    • Your COMPLETE MESSAGING CODEBOOK for high-performing Sales Copy (and Content) ... written in 3 days!
    • FREE BONUS #1: Custom-Fill-In-The-Blanks PDF Workbook!
    • FREE BONUS #2: Personal LASER COACHING Sessions!
    And if you select a ALL-ACCESS Ticket, you get…
    • Recordings of ALL Sessions
      (NOTE: available 60 days after event)!
    • ​Special ALL-ACCESS Sessions including…
    • Advanced Strategies
    • Behind The Scenes
    • ​Your Time With Ray and Team
    All For Only $297!
    ALL ACCESS Tickets for $497!

    The Truth Is... You're NOT Alone!

    Being a small business owner and entrepreneur has challenges enough on its own.

    But you don’t have to face them alone!

    The purpose of The Copywriting Academy Live 2021 Virtual Experience is to help you experience MAXIMUM Prosperity in 2021.

    But it’s about MUCH MORE than making money.

    It’s an opportunity to create a family of like-minded, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who can achieve more and reach greater heights TOGETHER than they ever could on their own.

    It’s all built on the foundation of “Change Your Words. Change Your World.” A world in which you can achieve your financial dreams. But more importantly, one where you can achieve your goals by helping your customers and clients achieve theirs. You’ll become a good shepherd to them!

    The choice is yours!
    You can continue to do what you’ve always done…

    To get the results you’ve always experienced…

    To struggle ALONE against ongoing global challenges…

    To wonder how you’re going to make it in the months and years ahead.


    You can take the first step towards the world you’ve been designing in your dreams.

    It ALL begins by Changing Your Words.

    But why do that alone? 

    I hope you’ll join me, my team, and our family of purpose-driven entrepreneurs during The Copywriting Academy Live 2021 Virtual Experience.

    It’s how we can begin Changing Our World TOGETHER!

    However challenging 2020 was for your business, you truly CAN make 2021 a year of MAXIMUM prosperity! 

    Attending The Copywriting Academy Live 2021 event may be the best decision you make this year.

    To get your ticket today, click the button of your choice below.

    To Your Prosperity,

    PS - Without the tools and know-how to pivot during the “Twilight Zone” of 2020, I’m really not sure where my business would be.

    Who knows what the future holds? Will things go back to normal? Will the “new normal” be what you hope?

    Whatever happens, there ARE tools at your disposal. Tools that have made a tangible, serious, “world-changing” difference in my life and business. And these tools have helped MANY of my students and clients. 

    Join me and my team for 3 days this April so you too can use these time-tested, proven tools to Change Your Words so you can Change Your World and secure your future.

    © Copyright 2021, Ray Edwards International, Inc. All rights reserved.